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Remember our young professional’s bedroom design we posted a few weeks back?  Today I wanted to share the living room concepts. As with the bedroom, this client has asked for Arlington Home Interior’s help with the interior design scheme, but will be doing all of the purchasing herself. She wanted a neutral base with hits of color. Flavia and I really enjoyed working on this project because our client trusted us to run with her ideas, and it’s a little bit girly (and so are we).

We wanted our palette of grey and coral to flow throughout her entire condo. Instead of the lilac in the bedroom, however, we brightened things up with aqua:


In the floorplan, you can see a new table area on the back wall for working, entertaining, or space to spread out for a project while watching TV, and a custom sized natural weave rug to ground the room and tie all of the separate areas together. A big carpet is key in uniting a room, adding texture and absorbing sound so your house doesn’t echo like you just moved in. I can’t stand a small carpet!


The sofa represents a sectional she already owns, which will receive lots of colorful pillows in coral, aqua and a hi-contrast black and white to break up all of that solid fabric. One of my favorite parts of the room is the artwork by Michelle Armas, which ties the entire scheme together.


I also love the large coffee table from Wisteria. The unfinished parquet wood top has so much character! Take a look at the detail of the top:


As the living room is long, the back wall where the little table sits was screaming for special treatment. We called on our super talented decorative painter to create something special. We had him add a large scale Moroccan stencil along that entire wall. The treatment is just a shade deeper than the existing grey wall, with some sheen for a very elegant finish. Here is a progress photo:

Stencil Image

Pretty cool! We are working on selecting accessories now to help our client finish up the space. Stay tuned.

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